As the summer winds down and the seasons begin to change, so is your skin. The skin care regime you have been doing for the past few months, no longer applies. We have compiled a list of end of summer skin care tips to keep you moisturized and healthy heading into the fall months.

  • Keep wearing sunscreen: Sunscreen should be applied year round whenever you are going to be outside. Make sure it is a broad spectrum lotion to block UVA rays. UVA’s are most prevalent in the non-summer months and can be just as damaging.
  • Exfoliate: You’ve been beating up your skin all summer and not just because of the extra sunlight exposure. Outdoor activities often lead to dull and rough skin patches, as well as dry, dead skin cells. By exfoliating and removing them, you are freeing up new, healthier skin to make an appearance. Exfoliating also improves absorption of moisturizers.
  • Moisturize: After drying out in the sun all summer it is important to put that moisture back in. The fall is a great time for your skin to recover and hydrate. Moisturizers should be different for your face and your body and should be used daily in the cooler months.
  • Anti-Aging Regime: Sun damage and dry skin can cause signs of aging like wrinkles which are a major concern for men and women alike. Start up an anti-aging regime that you stick to year round.
  • Repair Sun Damaged Skin: Freckles, sunburn, darker age spots and blotchiness are all common forms of skin damage. Focus on evening out your skin tone and treating these problem areas with spot treatment products. Professional grade glycolic acid creams and lotions are the most powerful non-prescription skin care products to get rid of hyper-pigmentation.
  • Treat Your Summer Feet: Flip flops, sandals and walking around barefoot in the summer can do some real damage to your feet. Although you’ve toughened it up, the skin on the bottom of your feet doesn’t have to be full of calluses. Exfoliating the skin on your feet is importation as is moisturizing with lotion. We also recommend using different foot scrapers to remove hard callused skin.
  • Re-hydrate Your Lips: The skin on your lips is incredibly sensitive to the sun and dry weather. Dry lips can be painful and lead to cracking and bleeding. Applying Vaseline, emu butter, shea butter or vitamin E oil are great ways to seal moisture in and allow your lips to heal. A good intake of vitamin B and hydrating with water are also great ways to re-hydrate your lips.

The main steps for your post-summer skin care clearly includes hydration, protection and renewal. Continue to protect your skin with sun block while repairing what the summer months may have damaged by moisturizing and exfoliating. With our end of summer skin care regime you’ll be showing off your new healthy skin all autumn.