It’s officially summer- a time when the beach beckons and you spend all day by the pool. With all this summer fun comes the harsh sun beaming down on your skin, meaning you must prepare for the heat, sweat and the skin problems that accompany it. Your skin is your body’s most prominent organ, making it essential to take care of in the summertime, when UV levels can wreak the most havoc. As you prepare to show more skin, here’s the best ways to achieve healthy, sun-kissed skin all summer long.

  • Healthy Lifestyle – The holy trinity of good health also holds true to your skin: Eat a balanced diet, get at least 7 hours of sleep and, workout 45 minutes a day. Besides the obvious physical benefits, your fitness routine is also a beautifying ritual. Sweating increases circulation while helping to keep you cool by regulating your body temperature, which loosens dirt in your pores. Who knew sweating the small stuff would improve your skin’s appearance!
  • Keep Hydrated – Water is essential to solving the majority of skin problems. Aside from quenching your thirst, water keeps your skin hydrated. Don’t just look to water for hydration purposes, seasonal summer foods like watermelon, berries, and leafy greens are water-rich and achieve similar effects. Avoid aerated, sugary drinks and diuretics like alcohol and caffeine as they reduce the water from your system. Water is all that you need to keep yourself well-hydrated. It detoxifies your skin and keeps it soft and supple, just the way you want it.
  • Establish a Routine – Your best bet to conquer the quest for softer, smother, and clearer skin this summer is to follow a cleansing, toning, and moisturizing ritual at least twice a day. Exfoliating your skin gives it the moisture it needs while keeping it clean and free from dead skin cells. Toning makes sure that your skin stays vibrant throughout the summer by closing your pores and keeping your skin cool. Water-based moisturizers are essential to keep your skin dehydrated. Making this part of your before-bed routine is a must.
  • Self Protection– Small exposure to the sun is beneficial for the skin as it’s essential for production of vitamin D. However, prolonged exposure to UV rays may have a hazardous impact on the skin. You can try and stay indoors during peak sun time, between 11am and 3pm, but that’s not always an option. Sunscreen is a highly recommended defense against the sun’s rays. Apply the preferred SPF 30 sunscreen 15 – 30 minutes before stepping outside. Use waterproof sunscreen, as activities dictate, and reapply every two hours for continued protection throughout the day. For extra protection, wear a wide brim hat, long sleeves or pants to hide your skin from the sun. Reach for darker materials as they will absorb UV light and keep it away from your body. Also, don’t forget to protect your eyes and lips- both have very thin skin which needs special attention. Oversized sunglasses with UV protection are a perfect solution for the eyes and fit any budget. For the lips, carry and apply lip balm with SPF instead of gloss, all year round.
  • Treat the Over-Exposed – Forget the sunscreen? Maybe you missed a spot or didn’t apply enough- don’t worry, there is no need to suffer. The damage may be done, but it’s not too late. At the first sight of a pink glow, reach for a soothing botanical or cooling gel to reduce redness and prevent peeling. One blistering sunburn boil doubles your risk of melanoma, so don’t hesitate to act!
  • Sunless Tanning – Get that sun-kissed glow without extended UV exposure by using self-tanning products. Today’s sunless tanning products are inexpensive and better than ever. They come in streak-proof creams, gels, lotions and sprays that disappear when washed off. Get bronzed and beautiful without the dangers of sunbathing.

Follow these tips and enjoy healthy looking skin all summer long. Contact Davis Dermatology for all your summer skin care questions or concerns.