Imagine meeting up with your best girlfriend to talk about your skin…this is what it’s like to be treated by Dr. Noll. During my consultation, I felt like Dr. Noll and I were having a natural and casual conversation about my skin and what could be done to improve its condition. She’s so at ease, but confident and knowledgeable. She also has beautiful skin, which is what we should expect from a dermatologist. Her approach definitely established our friendly rapport and gave me great confidence in choosing her as my dermatologist. I scheduled a laser treatment and was delighted to learn that Dr. Noll would be performing my laser treatment. Unlike many other laser centers where the nurses are charged with these duties, Dr. Noll reserves that responsibility for herself. Because she has the education, expertise, and experience, her service delivery was far more tailored to my needs and she was able to provide a greater level of service while operating the laser, making adjustments as needed. I have had similar procedures done elsewhere, but never with the level of care that Dr. Noll provided. My results are great and will only improve with time, as my skin continues to respond to her work. While the technology behind dermatology is important, a skilled practitioner makes all the difference in the quality and safety of the results. Having invested so much money in a procedure, I am beyond satisfied with the impeccable service and genuinely warm and relational disposition of Dr. Noll and her staff. I have found my forever- dermatologist. Look no further. Schedule your appointment today!