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Viviscal Davis

Viviscal Professional is the # 1 selling hair supplement and is used by patients world wide

Viviscal Professional Supplements are specially formulated dietary supplements containing the exclusive AminoMar CTM Marine Complex that provides the essential nutrients needed to nourish thinning hair and encourage existing hair growth in those suffering from temporary hair loss.

The supplements are easy to swallow. The super-enriched Viviscal Professional formula has been scientifically formulated, each tablet contains 28% marine complex. Viviscal Professional is suitable for both women and men, and for all hair types.

Viviscal Professional is only available through Doctors offices, Salons and Spas and select clinics

Benefits to your patients:

  • Six month program
  • Complimentary nutritional approach that can be used along
    with existing regimen
  • Drug-free and safe from harmful side effects
  • Clinically proven* formula with natural ingredients